Ford has designed a special pick-up truck emoji (VIDEO)

Ford’s pick-up emoji. — Handout via AFP
Ford’s pick-up emoji. — Handout via AFP

DETROIT, July 19 — American manufacturer Ford has petitioned the Unicode Consortium in order to have its special pick-up truck emoji included in the next wave of emojis, set for early 2020.

We’ve had police cruisers, sedans, and race cars — and soon, we might be able to add pick-up trucks to the list of automotive-themed emoji. That is, if Ford has its way.

On Wednesday, July 17, Ford took advantage of International Emoji Day to announce its design via a fun video extolling the virtues of its latest creation.

Should Unicode approve the inclusion of the emoji in its next release, slated for early 2020, it should be made available on all platforms for the texting pleasure of pick-up truck enthusiasts worldwide. — AFP-Relaxnews

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