KYIV, April 13 — Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy thanked Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz for approving the delivery of an additional Patriot missile system and supplying more air defence missiles at a “critical time” for his country.

News of a third Patriot air defence system from Germany came as the momentum on the battlefield has shifted in Russia’s favour, more than two years since it launched its February 2022 invasion.

Zelenskiy said a week ago that 25 of the US Patriot systems were needed to cover the entire country, which is under assault from Russian ballistic and hypersonic missiles that can hit targets within minutes.

Today Zelenskiy wrote on the Telegram messaging app that he had an “important, productive” conversation with Scholz.


“I am grateful to the chancellor for the decision to supply another, additional Patriot system to Ukraine, as well as missiles for the existing air defence systems.”

He added: “I call on all other leaders of partner states to follow this example.”

Zelenskiy added that he and Scholz also discussed preparations for a reconstruction conference in Berlin and a peace summit in Switzerland in June.


The German defence ministry said in a post on X that the new Patriot system would be handed over immediately and that it was in addition to air defence systems already delivered and planned.

An April 10 German government summary of arms and military equipment transfers to Ukraine included two Patriot systems on a list of air defence supplies already delivered. — Reuters