MANILA, April 3 — The Philippines warned of “high tsunami waves” and called for the evacuation of coastal areas across the country today after a 7.4-magnitude quake in neighbouring Taiwan.

“The people in the coastal areas of the following provinces are strongly advised to immediately evacuate to higher grounds or move farther inland,” the state seismology institute said in an advisory.

Coastal areas in 23 provinces from the north to the south of the archipelago nation, but not the capital Manila, “are expected to experience high tsunami waves” based on tsunami wave models, it added.

The first tsunami waves were expected to hit between 0033 GMT and 0233 GMT (8.33am and 10.33am Malaysian time) which “may not be the largest and these waves may continue for hours”.


“Owners of boats in harbours, estuaries or shallow coastal water of the above-mentioned provinces should secure their boats and move away from the waterfront,” it said.

“Boats already at sea during this period should stay offshore in deep waters until further advised.” — AFP