NEW YORK, Feb 13 — New York City police today asked for the public’s help in finding a gunman who killed one person and wounded five others in a shooting that took place during a brawl between two groups of teenagers on a subway station platform today.

Police offered scant new details other than a plea for help in finding whoever began firing on a train traveling north through the city’s Bronx borough. The shooter is believed to be one of the youths who were fighting, police said.

All six people who were shot were on the platform outside the train, police said. A 34-year-old man died and five others were taken to the hospital suffering from non-life-threatening injuries.

The identities of the victims were not released, but police said they ranged in age between 14 and 71, and included four males and two females.


“To the shooter - you are now the NYPD’s most wanted and you have the greatest detectives in the world looking for you,” said Tarik Sheppard, the New York Police Department’s deputy police commissioner for public information. “We suggest you turn yourself in.”

Mayor Eric Adams, a former police captain who campaigned for office on a promise to reduce crime, initiated a subway safety plan near the beginning of his term in 2022 after a series of high-profile shootings and other acts of violence on New York’s transit system. — Reuters