NEW YORK, July 14 — Dozens of countries from around the world called on Russia Wednesday to halt the war in Ukraine.

They included the United States, member of the European Union, and countries in Asia.

In a statement these 40-odd countries said they support Ukraine’s proceedings before the International Court of Justice seeking “to establish that Russia has no lawful basis to take military action in Ukraine on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations of genocide.”

This alludes to Russia’s stated justification early in the war that it invaded to halt what it called genocide in pro-Russian areas of eastern Ukraine.


The statement recalls that the court based in the Hague called on March 16 for Moscow to end the war.

“We reiterate that Russia must be held accountable for its actions. In this regard, we consider that Russia’s violations of international law engage its international responsibility,” it said.

The statement added that “the losses and damage suffered by Ukraine as a result of Russia’s violations of international law require full and urgent reparation by Russia.”


Ukraine has said it will take at least US$750 billion (RM3.33 trillion) to rebuild after the widespread destruction inflicted by the Russian invasion force.

The International Court of Justice is the highest UN court and its rulings are binding and not open to appeal.

It bases its rulings mainly on international treaties and conventions but has no means of enforcing its decisions. — AFP