SAN FRANCISCO, May 30 — Two years after iPhone users, Android smartphone owners will soon be able to delete their accounts and personal data from mobile applications much more easily, if they so wish.

Google Play now highlights the applications that allow you to delete your account. This is reflected in the presence of an “Account Deletion Available” badge, visible in the “Data Safety” section of the application’s Play Store page. This shows users that they can delete their account and all related data directly from the application at any time.

Google has made it mandatory for applications that require users to create an account to also be able to delete it (and all associated data) directly via this interface. App developers have until May 31, 2024, to comply with this obligation, after which all those deemed non-compliant may be subject to “measures” in the future, up to and including the outright removal of the app from Google Play.

Google is thus following on from what Apple previously introduced for iOS two years ago, namely that applications submitted to the App Store that allow users to create an account must also enable them to delete that account easily. — ETX Studio