SAN FRANCISCO, April 3 — OpenAI has announced that its flagship tool, ChatGPT, will now be available to all internet users, without the need to create an account. However, the experience will be limited. Here’s how it works.

Every week, over 100 million people in 185 countries use ChatGPT. And from now on, anyone will be able to use this AI tool out of simple curiosity, without necessarily needing to sign up. OpenAI is now opening up access to ChatGPT to everyone, with no need for users to create an account. Initially, this is being made possible in the United States, although it will gradually be extended to other countries.

By default, the activity of all these new users will be used to improve the language model that powers the chatbot. Nevertheless, it should be possible to deactivate this function in the tool’s settings, even for users without an account.

Obviously, this free access to ChatGPT comes with a number of restrictions. Firstly, as with the current free version of ChatGPT, you’ll be limited to the old GPT-3.5 model, and won’t be able to take advantage of Dall-E integration for image creation. You won’t be able to save your different searches, and consequently you won’t be able to view your chat history or share your chats. Finally, you won’t be able to take advantage of voice chat, either.


OpenAI’s aim is to win over new users and make its intelligent conversational agent an alternative to Google for all kinds of searches. — ETX Studio