SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 29 — When it comes to AI conversational agents, are there really any credible alternatives to ChatGPT? With the emergence of US rivals Gemini and Claude, and the arrival of France’s Le Chat, competition has never been stronger.

For over a year now, ChatGPT has been the go-to when it comes to content-generating artificial intelligence chatbots. But there are other solutions out there.

From answering practical or topical questions to analyzing PDFs, translating text or even writing songs — all these things and more are now within everyone’s reach thanks to ChatGPT. However, given that the most advanced features are available in its paid version, some may prefer to turn to free solutions to benefit from these types of useful tools.

First of all, there’s Gemini, formerly known as Bard, a free generative and multimodal artificial intelligence service from Google. Like ChatGPT, it can analyse and generate different types of content. Fast and relatively reliable, Gemini appears to be a truly serious competitor to ChatGPT, even if it offers fewer features than its rival.


Another widely recognised model, called Claude, stands out for its field of expertise, as it was designed specifically to address technical and scientific requests. Its model has thus been fed with a huge number of research studies. Much less popular than ChatGPT or Gemini, it nevertheless excels in its field and offers both free and paid tiers.

The latest rival, capable of competing with market leaders, hails from France. The Mistral AI startup recently released Le Chat, a tool offering performance that has little to envy its American counterparts. On the other hand, it doesn’t (yet) source information directly from the internet to access up-to-date content. As a result, its answers can sometimes be wrong on topical subjects.

To conclude, in its paid version, ChatGPT remains the undisputed benchmark, but if you don’t want to pay to use an AI-powered conversational agent, you can also turn to Gemini and even test Le Chat, which is particularly promising. — ETX Studio