KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 1 — WhatsApp has officially announced the Secret Code functionality for the platform’s Chat Lock feature. The new function is meant to provide another layer of protection for conversations that users deem too sensitive for others to see.

Extra protection for locked chats

First introduced back in May, the Chat Lock feature allows users to separate sensitive conversations into a dedicated folder. These locked chats can only be accessed with the device’s passcode or biometrics.

At that time, WhatsApp said that it was working to enhance the Chat Lock with additional functions including the ability to set custom passwords. That ability is now known as the Secret Code but that’s not the only thing it does though.


With the new Secret Code functionality, users also have the option to hide the locked chats list. To view it again, users can just type in the custom password into the search bar in the Chats tab.

This would make these sensitive conversations harder to be found especially if you share your device with someone else. It may also help protect your privacy if your device is lost or stolen.

WhatsApp said that the new Secret Code functionality is being rolled out to users as we speak. That being said, this enhancement will only be available globally in the coming months. — SoyaCincau