SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 23 — Snapchat users will soon be able to use this social media in an ad-free mode. The social network has unveiled a new paid tier set to cost users around ten US dollars a month. So what exactly does this subscription offer?

To use Snapchat+ without ads, users will have to pay up. On X (formerly Twitter), Jonah Manzano, a social network enthusiast and specialist, shared a snapshot of the new Snapchat+ subscription options. It will cost A$15.99 a month, or around ten US dollars to be able to use the social network without having to see ads for Stories and Lens.

Future subscribers will also be able to enjoy all the benefits of the Snapchat+ plan (which already costs US$3.99 a month), such as access to different emojis and Story Boost, which lets you maximise the visibility of your private story to attract more views for 24 hours.


For the time being, the new offer is not available to all users, but should be rolled out “slowly,” said Snap in its press release.

Note that Snap has indicated that My AI sponsored replies, the new virtual friend on Snapchat, will still be visible even in the ad-free subscription.

There’s a current trend for social networks to offer its subscribers a paid option for ad-free browsing, following the latest European measures under the Digital Services Act. X (Twitter) and Meta have already unveiled their plans. TikTok, for its part, has also begun testing an ad-free user experience. — ETX Studio