SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 18 ― The higher the temperature rises, the more your smartphone risks overheating, which can damage many components of the device, such as the battery, the processor or even the screen. Here's what you need to know in order to protect your phone in extreme heat.

Watch out for too much sun exposure

Generally speaking, you should avoid letting your smartphone get too much sun. To cool down your phone quickly, place it in the shade, in a cool place and remove its case temporarily. Don't put it in the refrigerator. However, placing it near a fan may be a good idea. In the car, place it's preferable to put it in the glove compartment rather than against the windshield! Be aware that most models turn off automatically when they exceed a certain temperature.

Charge your device in the shade

If it is very hot, it's essential to place your phone in the shade when you need to charge it up. It is also better to use the battery saver or low power mode. For Android, head to Settings then Battery and choose power saver mode. On iOS, select the low power mode in battery settings.

Airplane mode is your friend

On a daily basis, at the slightest sign of overheating, make sure to momentarily deactivate WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, as all these connections consume a lot of battery. When in doubt, a simple reboot of the device is often enough to cool it down properly. ― ETX Studio