KUALA LUMPUR, June 21 — Today and every June 21 is International Yoga Day and that means there are probably multiple events being held, with people embracing the popular practice.

Apple Watch users, you're not being left out as there is a special one-day only award for you to grab today to get that award on your wrist.

What do you need to achieve it? Simple: just do a 20-minute yoga workout and you're all set.

Technically you could just do the corpse pose (my favourite), which involves just lying down but I suppose that would defeat the purpose.

Besides the shiny new award, you also get a set of animated yoga stickers that will be cool to spam your mates on iMessage with, with messages like “Hey I'm doing yoga now” or “Sorry can't talk, doing yoga.”

Yoga is one of the many workout types captured by the Apple Watch and the algorithm has been tweaked so that no matter what type of yoga you do — hatha, ashtanga and the like — the Apple Watch will be able to capture your (hopefully) fluid movements.

Today is a great day to roll out that yoga mat if you're a big award collector like many Apple Watch wearers are or if you need guidance, you can also try the Fitness+ service that has a free trial and includes, yes, yoga.