LOS ANGELES, April 22 ― Over the past few days, Netflix has begun rolling out a new feature on its Android application that prevents movies and shows from being paused when a user accidentally touches the screen.

On Monday, 9To5Google was the first to report on a new feature on the Netflix for Android app that keeps users from accidentally pausing their content: a screen lock button.

This new “screen lock” button has been added to the existing series of controls displayed on screen when content is open like pause, fast forward and stop. Activating this feature essentially makes accidental touches ― and therefore, unwanted pauses ― impossible as it completely removes all Netflix controls, even the timeline scrubber; the only thing available to tap is the screen lock button which needs to be pressed twice to bring the normal UI back.

While not perfect, this feature will not only keep adult users from accidentally interrupting their own show, but it will also help parents from having to restart their child's movie again and again. ― AFP-Relaxnews