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2019/07/18 Microsoft shows off keynote speaker hologram speaking a new language (VIDEO)
2019/07/18 Stand Steady launches attachable monitor converting laptops to dual-screen PCs
2019/07/18 Ultra-sensitive artificial skin developed by Singapore university team may give robots, prosthetics improved touch
2019/07/18 Instagram hides ‘likes’ from more users
2019/07/18 Some privacy concerns about the viral FaceApp that you need to know
2019/07/18 Mirror mirror on the wall, which Instagram filter is the fairest one of all?
2019/07/18 Start-up develops a connected planter for distracted home gardeners
2019/07/18 Louis Vuitton posts video game inspired by Virgil Abloh’s work on its website
2019/07/18 Sing along to your favourite Disney tunes on Spotify
2019/07/17 Apple offers 2019 emoji preview for World Emoji Day
2019/07/17 Internet a distant dream for many in oil-rich E. Guinea
2019/07/17 Musk shows off progress on brain-machine interface
2019/07/17 A look at the soon-to-be-released Xiaomi Mi A3’s full hardware details
2019/07/17 AI solves Rubik's Cube with no human help for the first time
2019/07/17 Grammarly Editor app will now tell you if your writing is bland
2019/07/16 Asus ROG Phone 2 may be first Snapdragon 855+ powered smartphone
2019/07/16 'Apex Legends' cheaters made to play together
2019/07/16 Qualcomm announces new mobile platform designed for elite 5G gaming, AI, and XR
2019/07/16 The inventor of the computer password, Fernando Corbató, dies at 93
2019/07/16 Twitter website gets facelift in bid to mimic mobile app
2019/07/15 Twitter to launch a slew of new features any day now
2019/07/15 Vivo Malaysia introduces a triple-camera smartphone with a 5,000mAh battery for under RM600
2019/07/15 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 promo images appear, might launch with the Galaxy Note 10
2019/07/14 AFP: French inventor soars above Champs-Elysees on flyboard at Paris parade
2019/07/14 Singapore's second Apple Store opens at Jewel Changi
2019/07/14 Meet robots Snow and temi, ready to help the young and old
2019/07/14 This elderly man shows Pokémon GO fans how it’s done
2019/07/13 German Jews condemn anti-Semitic items on Amazon
2019/07/13 This is the Mi A3, Xiaomi’s new pure Android smartphone
2019/07/13 Steam store introduces Labs mode to suggest better games
2019/07/13 Google launches review after audio conversations leak
2019/07/12 Google pays tribute on 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 mission
2019/07/12 The machine that made the Moon missions possible
2019/07/12 Sony’s Xperia 1, Xperia 10 and Xperia 10 Plus now available in Malaysia
2019/07/12 Betting on the bot: AI software beats pros in six-player poker
2019/07/12 Google serves up tennis mini-game to mark 2019 Wimbledon tournament
2019/07/12 Twitter acknowledges outages affecting some users
2019/07/11 Security alert: New version of surveillance malware can extract sensitive data even if its encrypted
2019/07/11 Apple disables Walkie-Talkie app on Watch after discovering security flaw
2019/07/11 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 official images revealed ahead of launch
2019/07/11 ‘Fist of the North Star: Legends Revive’ producer talks surprise, discovery, ‘One Punch-Man’
2019/07/10 Water resistant AirPods expected to be released by the end of this year
2019/07/10 Nintendo confirms the Switch Lite — Smaller, lighter and cheaper than the original, for handheld play
2019/07/10 Twitter moves to curb hate speech based on religion
2019/07/10 Microsoft opens first European store in London’s West End
2019/07/10 Mozilla blocks UAE bid to become an internet security guardian after hacking reports
2019/07/10 Sony apparently set to take a shot at a 5G folding-screen smartphone
2019/07/10 ‘Elite Dangerous’ players complete galactic community trek (VIDEO)
2019/07/09 Spotify introduces lighter version to reach more users
2019/07/09 Nintendo Switch Online tops 10m subscribers