SINGAPORE, Feb 29 — A former Kinderland teacher was yesterday handed three more charges for allegedly ill-treating preschool children.

Lin Min, 34, was also charged with using criminal force on two counts.

These charges involve three children.

The victims’ identity and the location where the incidents allegedly occurred cannot be published due to a court order.


On Aug 30 last year, Lin was handed charged under the Children and Young Persons Act for the alleged ill-treatment of a 23-month-old girl on June 30 at a Kinderland preschool.

She was arrested six hours after a police report was made in response to several viral videos uploaded on Facebook that allegedly showed her abusing children in the preschool.

One video, more than four minutes long, shows her placing her hand on a young girl’s face to prevent her from moving as she pours water into the child’s mouth. The girl is seen lying on the ground as she cries and struggles.


Court documents stated that Lin’s new charges are related to her allegedly forcing two three-year-olds to lie down “in a rough manner” on June 27 and June 30 last year.

She was said to have restrained a three-year-old girl to a chair and poured water into her mouth sometime between May 2 and July 29 last year.

She also allegedly hit a two-year-old boy on the buttocks with a book five times and tipped a milk bottle into the mouth of a three-year-old boy while he was lying down. These two incidents are said to have occurred on June 28 last year, at around 4.30pm.

Lin is set to reappear in court on a later date for a pre-trial conference. — TODAY