KUALA LUMPUR, May 22 — Despite appearing on the scene for only five minutes performing the tango in the film The Experts, singer and actress Maya Karin is fully committed to perfecting the technically demanding dance moves.

Maya, who plays the antagonist character named Miranda, a mafia disguised as a hotel manager, described the scene as the most challenging for her in the 121-minute movie.

Even without a basic foundation, Maya, whose real name is Maya Karin Roelcke, managed to master the Latin dance, which requires agile and romantic movements, after six weeks of training with Remy Ishak, who also stars in the film.

“I was very surprised by Remy’s talent and I was also impressed with the chemistry we created. I really like that scene even though it was brief. I had to attend dance classes three to four times a week and memorise the choreography, which sometimes changed at the eleventh hour,” she told Bernama.


The actress of Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam said the dance scene took two days to complete and required six cameras to capture the best angles.

Maya, who previously appeared in a ‘Ballroom’ dance scene with actor Redza Minhat in the film Pisau Cukur, also found this scene more challenging to execute.

“We couldn’t practise every day because our muscles and backs hurt; it was like going to the gym every day,” she said, expressing her satisfaction with the film’s outcome.


The Experts, set to be released tomorrow, tells the story of a family of five siblings who had long abandoned their robbery activities but regroup due to a threat and orders from the most dangerous gangster to carry out one more high-risk, major heist.

Meanwhile, they are still haunted by old grudges from family tragedies and past misdeeds. How will they face their enemies and protect their family? Will this heist be the last time these five siblings come together?

The Experts’ also stars an impressive lineup of actors including Datuk Aaron Aziz as Farid, the leader and eldest brother, Syafiq Kyle (Keyrol, intelligence expert), Mimi Lana (Emma, manipulation expert), Remy Ishak (Amer, disguise expert), and Ray Dapdap (Lan, hacking expert).

The film, produced by Astro Shaw in collaboration with ZAK Capital and TGV Pictures, also stars Maya Karin, Tony Eusoff, Wan Hanafi Su, Jay Iswazir, Douglas Lim, and Michael Ang. — Bernama