PETALING JAYA, April 16 — Keanu Reeves is gearing up for another franchise venture, as the John Wick star dashes into Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

Multiple sources have informed The Hollywood Reporter that Reeves will lend his voice to the beloved character Shadow.

Making his debut in the video game Sonic Adventure 2, which was released in 2001, Shadow is recognised as the antithesis of Sonic, possessing a darker and more edgy persona while emulating the hero’s abilities.

The announcement follows a recent presentation by Paramount at CinemaCon, where the studio unveiled the initial footage for Sonic 3.


Reeves has been in the spotlight the past few years, notably appearing in John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023) and reprising his iconic role of Neo in The Matrix: Resurrections (2021).

He is also set to star in Aziz Ansari’s upcoming film, Good Fortune, portraying a guardian angel, and will make a cameo as the celebrated assassin in John Wick Presents: Ballerina, a spinoff featuring Ana De Armas, scheduled for 2025.

The Sonic franchise stands as one of Paramount’s most successful endeavours, with the studio embarking on the creation of a spin-off series named Knuckles, scheduled to debut on Paramount+.


Sonic 3 will be directed by Jeff Fowler, who previously helmed the first two Sonic films, with a theatrical release scheduled for December 20, 2024.