KUALA LUMPUR, April 16 — It’s not everyday one gets to meet their idol while taking a casual jog.

But that is exactly what happened to Malaysian actor Jack Tan when he bumped into legendary actor Chow Yun-fat during a jog in Hong Kong.

The Abang Adik star met Chow at the end of a jogging session with a group of filmmakers which included Wen Nian Zhong and Man Lim Chung.


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“At the end of the mountain I met... Brother Fat! I can’t believe I had the chance to run with Fat Kor,” Tan wrote in an Instagram post yesterday.

“Thanks to teacher Wen Nian Zhong for taking care and leading the way, I had the opportunity to run with so many seniors.”


“Really happy to meet everyone, thank you seniors for sharing the experience of running. Let’s keep running!”

The actor has been in Hong Kong over the past week, exploring and taking in the sights of the city through walks and runs.

Tan has been on a lucky streak when it comes to meeting the actors of his dreams in Hong Kong as the 33-year-old got to meet Tony Leung Chiu-wai last month.

The actor met Leung alongside his Abang Adik co-star Wu Kang-ren and director Jin Ong at the 17th Asian Film Awards in Xiqu Centre, Hong Kong.

Tan and Wu were nominated for the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor categories for their roles in the acclaimed film.

Tan wrote that it felt like a dream meeting Leung and he could not help smiling when thinking about their conversation.

“It was definitely the greatest honour of my life to be able to talk about acting and movies with brother Tony Leung that night, and share how to prepare for roles and daily life,” Tan wrote.

He added meeting Leung encouraged him greatly and he will never forget his warmth and kindness.