PETALING JAYA, April 1 — Electronic dance music festival Tomorrowland has confirmed that it is examining the viability of organising a world-class event in Thailand in 2026.

Confirming their keen interest in a festival in Thailand, the company stated they are presently undertaking thorough research, with no specifics regarding date, time, and venue finalised.

A government spokesperson meanwhile has stated that the private sector is hastily assessing event spaces.

In a statement to Billboard on March 29, Tomorrowland public relations head Debby Wilmsen, asserted that, “Tomorrowland has a real interest in Thailand and is seriously exploring the possibility of a festival in Thailand”.


For now, Tomorrowland is investigating the feasibility of the project and has signed an exclusive MoU agreement with a Thai private sector partner to conduct this study together.

“At this stage, there is no confirmation yet on an actual festival taking place; this is what the feasibility study will make clear.”

The study will assist in ascertaining whether a Tomorrowland event in Thailand is viable or not.


The statement also conveyed its gratitude for the authorities’ enthusiasm to embrace the festival.