KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 7 — Malaysian film Abang Adik has been nominated the Best Asian Chinese Language Film at the 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA).

The Jin Ong-directed movie is up against four other productions The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon, No More Bets, Full River Red and Marry My Dead Body.

The movie’s main actor Wu Kang-ren, however, missed out on the nomination for the Best Actor award despite beating Tony Leung for the award given by the Hong Kong Film Critics Society.

Incidentally, Leung was nominated for his role in The Goldfinger at HKFA, which will be held on April 14 at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.


The list of nominations was telecast live on Tuesday via its social media.

Leading the list of nominations was Lawrence Kan’s newsroom drama In Broad Daylight with 16 nominations.


The movie, which follows an undercover journalist who exposes the abuse of residents in a nursing home, was nominated in all but three of the 19 categories, Screen Daily reported.

HKFA chairman Derek Yee said a total of 50 films were considered for the nominations, up from last year’s 33, while the number of new directors increased to 20.