KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 5 — Taiwanese rock band Mayday has decided to livestream their concert in Paris on Thursday as they face allegations of lip-syncing during their recent concerts in China.

The band’s label B’in Music said the livestreaming on December 7 at 8pm local time would allow everyone to participate.

According to the label, the Paris concert is the band’s last under its I Really Want to See You tour that will see them performing for three hours, reported Central News Agency.

In a related development, the label refuted claims that the group had lip-synced during their concerts.


They said the allegations were a “malicious attack and slanderous rumour that has severely harmed the image of the company’s artists”, reported Taipei Times.

The group faces being banned from performing in China if the allegations, being investigated by multiple agencies, are found to be true.

TVBS reported that the band also faces a 100,000 yuan (RM65,356) fine if found guilty.


Meanwhile, Sixth Tone reported that the band had faced similar accusations in 2007 during their concert in Xiamen.

At that time, the band had attributed the alleged lip-syncing to technical issues with the microphones, sound system, and computer technology at the concert venue.

Allegations of lip-syncing against the band came to light after a video uploaded by influencer Maitian Nongfu on Bilibili, China’s leading video platform, compared 12 songs recorded by a fan at the band’s Shanghai concerts on a music analysis software.

The results revealed that Ashin, the lead singer of the band, lip-synced to at least five of the songs during the band’s three-hour concert.