KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 25 — American celebrity Paris Hilton has become a mother of two with husband entrepreneur Carter Reum by welcoming a baby girl.

In an Instagram post yesterday, Hilton revealed her daughter's name, London and shared her gratitude.

“Thankful for my baby girl,” she captioned the post, featuring a baby-sized pink outfit.


This will make her 10-month-old surrogate son Phoenix a big brother.

In several Thanksgiving-themed TikTok videos, the 42-year-old joyously tells her niece and nephew about their new cousin, telling them she has ‘two babies’.


Priceless moments???? Family is everything

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Hilton has been vocal in the past after having Phoenix about wanting a daughter named London Marilyn.

In an Instagram video in September, the businesswoman told her sister Nicky Hilton that she wanted to have a baby girl one day.

“I’m sure it’s very soon and you’re being secretive and not telling us. She’s probably hidden in the other room right now,” Nicky joked.

Nicky was poking her sister on how secretive she was when revealing her son Phoenix in January via a picture of his hand on Instagram, only showing his face later in February.

“My life has just been so public, my whole life has been, just, invaded,” she told Rolling Stone in an interview in March.

“I felt like, for my baby, I just wanted him to come into the world and just be here and not have all this weird (attention).”

Hilton and Reum were married in November 2021.