KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 24 — Two clips of a fight that broke out between a foreigner and a local man at the Coldplay concert in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday have gone viral.

Amidst the euphoria post-concert, two videos on TikTok and X uploaded today dominated conversations online.

The clips show a fight breaking out after a shirtless man, allegedly an Australian national, was engaged in a verbal altercation with a local.


The shirtless man is seen yelling at the other concertgoer as others yell out to calm down.

As the argument escalated, the shirtless man threw a punch at the other man, while other concertgoers moved away from the ruckus.

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In another viral video, the fight is seen to be quickly stopped by two members of the security team who restrained the foreigner who managed to throw a few punches before he was escorted away.


The incident took place while Coldplay performed Viva La Vida, with frontman Chris Martin not too far off in the background seen shushing the crowd.

User muz.zaman said that he believed the man and his friends had approached the stage and cut queue before security stopped them.

samii63_ said that the shirtless man had an Australian accent.

Meanwhile, mintsmints_ also claimed the same man was pushing through other concertgoers as he tried to make his way up front, saying that his friends were in front.

Another eyewitness in rijwincheong claimed that tensions resurfaced between the two later during the concert, though there was no confirmation of the nature of their argument.

The shirtless was supposedly ejected from the concert although no further evidence was available as to what happened after security pulled him away,