KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 14 — Chinese fans of King of Cantopop, Aaron Kwok, are up in arms with his latest concert in Shenzhen, China claiming they have been shortchanged due to the poor organisation.

Among the complaints highlighted by them were poor organisation of the event and Kwok took 30 minutes just to change his clothes.

The concert, part of the 58-year-old' s World Tour Concert 2023, was held at Shenzhen's Baoan Sports Centre recently.

When the concert was announced, fans had looked forward to it but they were left disappointed on the event day, 163.com reported.


Taking to social media, concert goers complained besides taking a long time to check tickets at the entrance, there were problems to the concert's sound effects and subtitles.

One social media user complained that Kwok had already sang three songs on stage but they were still waiting outside the venue to have their tickets checked.

In the end, the concert goers gate crashed the venue without having their tickets checked.


Concert goers also lamented the subtitles to the songs were not syncronised with Kwok's singing, causing them unable to sing along to the songs. Meanwhile, the sound effects were so bad that they could not make out what Kwok was singing.

Fans also said Kwok took 30 minutes just to change while the concert was only two hours long.

Despite the many shortcomings, fans were still all praises for Kwok's dancing skills.