Rapper Zamaera presents Malaysia’s first all-female music festival in ‘Queendom Fest’ this December

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 20 — Malaysian rapper Zamaera is organising her first ever music festival in Queendom Fest .

And to make it more special, her attempt will be Malaysia’s first all-female festival, from the lineup to the sound engineers and vendors.

The event which will take place this December 16 at Lalaport’s Central Rooftop in Bukit Bintang city centre.


Queendom Fest will be headlined by Zamaera herself, along with nine other artists including girl group Dolla, singers Meliha, The Impatient Sisters and Lil Asian Thiccie , rappers Hullera, SYA and Yunohoo as well as deejays MJisvicious and Jovynn.

Taking inspiration from local festivals such as Good Vibes Festival and Hausboom Music, where she has performed in, Zamaera or her real name Sharifah Zamaera Syed Zafilen Al Edros said that the festival offers a platform for female artistes.

This is after taking into account the lack of female artist representations in local festivals.


“Just last year alone, out of over 14 festivals and showcases, 84 per cent of the performers on stage were males.

“The music scene is ever-growing and we are seeing more and more emerging female artists. I feel that should reflect in the opportunities provided for female creatives.

“In the name of inclusivity, equality and just a genuine love for the arts and culture, I want to see a brighter future for the female creatives of this nation,” she said.

Diving deeper into the inception of Queendom Fest, the Helly Kelly rapper said that she had initially planned to do a tour across Malaysia before backing out of the idea, to make way for the festival as it had never been done before in Malaysia.

'Queendom Fest' will Zamaera's first effort as an event organiser. — Picture by Raymond Manuel.
'Queendom Fest' will Zamaera's first effort as an event organiser. — Picture by Raymond Manuel.

Zamaera expressed her gratitude for the support from the Communications and Digital Ministry via the Digital Content Fund (DKD) which helped make Queendom Fest a reality.

As this is her first time organising a music festival, Zamaera is assisted by her co-organiser TONGTONG Asia.

Taking notes from the success and failures of previous events, Zamaera has taken the precautionary steps by requiring all performers to sign a contract not to violate performance guidelines in advance.

This includes straying away from talking on topics involving sensitive issues as well as how they dress up during the event.

“We actually have to tell them that we value them as an artist, as their own creative person, but we still have guidelines to follow.

“Alhamdulillah, so far all the artists have been very understanding and cooperative,” she said.

Tickets for Queendom Fest will go on sale starting this October 22 with ticketing prices ranging from RM118 to RM188.

More information on the event will be available this October 22 via the festival’s official website.