KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 8 — The organisers of the Good Vibes Festival have initiated legal action against British band The 1975 after its controversial performance here last month that led to the cancellation of the last two days of the three-day music show.

Various international media like the BBC, Guardian and Rolling Stones magazine reported that the organisers, Future Sound Asia (FSA) sent the band a warning letter demanding compensation.

According to the BBC, FSA issued a statement that it had sent the band a Letter of Claim — effectively a last warning before a lawsuit is filed in court — demanding the British rock group acknowledge its liability and compensate the organiser for damages incurred failing which further legal action be taken in the English courts.

According to the news reports, FSA condemned The 1975’s action during its July 21 performance at the Sepang International Circuit, in particular frontman Matthew Healy’s “abusive language, equipment damage, and indecent stage behaviour”.


The organiser claimed the band had “intentionally contravened” its concert agreement that resulted in the cancellation of the music festival and causing “significant financial losses” as well as negatively impacting local artistes and businesses that had signed up for it.

The remaining two days of the music festival on July 22 and 23 was cancelled by Communications and Digital Ministry after Healy’s antics on the opening night in which he initiated a mouth-to-mouth kiss with bassist Ross MacDonald, held a bottle of wine, lit a cigarette and spat on the stage, smashed the organiser’s drone onstage, and went on an expletive-riddled tirade against the government’s stance on homosexuality.

BBC said it reached out to the band’s representatives who refused to comment.


The local LGBT community has also criticised Healy’s act as “performative activism” that would make their lives harder.

Malaysia criminalises sodomy and other sexual acts “against the order of nature” as well as “gross indecency”.

The 1975 later cancelled its scheduled performances in Indonesia and Taiwan after leaving Malaysia.