KUALA LUMPUR, April 26 ― Jimin of Kpop boy band is known for his handsome features, and many Westerners have undergone plastic surgery to imitate his looks.

However, Canadian actor Saint Von Colucci recently died after apparently undergoing 12 plastic surgeries in a year to look like the popular South Korean singer, Daily Mail reported.


According to publicist Eric Blake, the 22-year-old actor died at a South Korean hospital on Sunday due to complications in cosmetic procedures from previous months.

Colucci went for surgery on Saturday to remove his jaw implants and developed an infection from the implants, he was intubated and died hours later.

“It's very tragic and very unfortunate,” Blake said.


The actor had a square-shaped jaw according to Blake and wanted a V-shaped jawline that was more accepted in Asian beauty standards.

Colucci underwent jaw surgery, implants, a facelift, a nose job, an eye lift, and a lip reduction among other minor surgeries.

Despite Colucci being over six feet tall, having blue eyes and sporting dark blonde hair the actor felt insecure about his appearance.

“It was very hard for him to get a job in South Korea and he felt very discriminated against his Western looks,” Blake added.

Blake said the actor came to South Korea in 2019 to enter the Kpop music industry and had his housing, transport, and living expenses covered by an undisclosed company under a seven-year contract.

Colucci was able to land a leading role as an international student in a drama series called Pretty Lies which began filming last June and ended in October.

The eight-episode series is set to air on a 'major United States streaming network' this coming October, according to Blake.

Blake said the Canadian hoped to gain some popularity on the show to launch his music career, saying he was ‘very very excited’ and ‘worked really hard’.