KUALA LUMPUR, March 7 ― Malaysian film Imaginur is hypnotising audiences in cinemas.

The Nik Amir Mustapha film which came out on February 23, has raked in RM3 million in less than three weeks of showing in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.

The film production house, Lumatic Films via Twitter took the opportunity to extend their gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to watch their latest offering.

“Imaginur has reached RM3 million! Thank you all for watching.


“We will keep on hypnotising all of you until you’re properly hypnotised,” they wrote in a tweet.

Imaginur is also currently number one in the top ten list of movies currently showing at local cinema, GSC.

Harian Metro previously reported that film director Nik Amir was touched by the support of local cinema operators who had given the film extra viewing slots in cinemas following the reception by cinemagoers.

“Alhamdulillah. We are truly grateful for the audience’s reception. This is an amazing achievement for us because films like Imaginur are not the kind of film that would easily be accepted by local audiences.

“But we believe that people are starting to accept this kind of film. Hopefully there will be more films like this being produced in the future,” he said.

Since its premiere, many have taken to social media especially Twitter to share their thoughts on the film including local celebrities, praising everything about it including the soundtrack.

“Congratulations friends. Thank you for those borrowed feelings. For bringing back love and kindness on our big screens, we are truly grateful. You guys deserve all the love and hype coming your way.

“May we keep this kind of storytelling flowing. We’re proud of this film as well,” tweeted renowned local actress Sharifah Amani.

“Finally got to watch Imaginur last night after waiting for so long. And it did not disappoint.

“Imaginur was so beautiful and surreal. I cried so much until I couldn’t breathe. Felt like I was grieving something I didn’t know I had. 10/10 already the best movie of 2023,” tweeted user zulai.

Imaginur follows the story of Zuhal (Beto Kusyairi) as his life spins out of control, and chooses hypnosis in the effort to make things better.

Things however get out of hand after the girl named Nur (Diana Danielle) from his hypnotic dreams begin to appear to him in real life. Desperate to know who this mystery woman is, Zuhal tries to introduce himself to her.

The film boasts a stellar cast which includes Afdlin Shauki, Nadiya Nisaa, Rahim Razali and Fatimah Abu Bakar.