KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 9 — Actress-model Puteri Sarah Liyana has called out her film director husband, Syamsul Yusof for “breaking his parents’ hearts” following his second marriage in Thailand recently.

Sarah via her Instagram story was referring to her father-in-law, Datuk Yusof Haslam’s tearful interview with Melodi where he opened up on his son’s marriage to Ira Kazar, the daughter of a veteran actor, Kazar Saisi.

In the Instagram story, Sarah admitted that Yusof was like her own father and that the veteran film and drama producer had cried several times following his son’s controversy.

“How dare you. Don’t be a defiant son. You even made your mom cry. Keep on laughing on that side. ‘Kifarah’ is real.


“I will pray for mama and papa’s happiness. I don’t mind if i’m not happy, I can heal on my own but don’t disrupt mama and papa’s happiness,” she wrote in her story post.


Meanwhile, in the tearful interview, the Gerak Khas director shared that he had only learnt about his son’s marriage after one of his staff informed him about Syamsul’s announcement last Friday.

Although he respected Syamsul’s decision, Yusof admitted he was taken aback by the fact that Syamsul had taken four years to make it.

“We can’t change everything that has happened. We need to accept the Qada and Qadar (fate). As a father, I will always pray for the best, that’s all.

“I hope Syamsul would take more responsibility in the matter as life is not as easy as it seems. It is a battle in defending your household, defending your wife and performing your duties as a husband.

“It’s not just about giving alimony but also the responsibility to take care of each other’s feelings,” he said.

Previously, Syamsul via an Instagram post last Friday had announced that he had taken Ira as his second wife.

Their nuptials were also attended by veteran actor Kazar Saisi who acted as their witness that day.

Following the bombshell announcement, Syamsul’s mother, Fatimah Ismail who previously didn’t give her blessings to the second marriage was reportedly seen commenting on a now circulating Facebook post.

“We, as Syamsul’s family members, will not forgive Kazar for helping his daughter to get married to our son thus ruining the household of Puteri Sarah and her children!

“However, we accept the fate that has been bestowed upon our unfortunate son,” she wrote in the comment section.

Syamsul and Sarah had tied the knot back in March 2014 and were blessed with two children together.