KUALA LUMPUR, January 6 — It looks like Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp is ‘more similar to Will’ than he thought.

In a recent TikTok video, the 18-year-old actor finally admitted to his family and friends that he was a homosexual.

“When I finally told my friends and family I was gay after being scared in the closet for 18 years and all they said was ‘we know’,” he wrote in the video’s text.


I guess I’m more similar to will than I thought

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“You know what it never was? That serious. It was never that serious. Quite frankly, will never be that serious,” Schnapp added in lip-syncing.

This confirmed months of fan speculation of Schnapp’s homosexuality after playing a closeted character in Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things.


Schnapp who plays teenager Will Byers admitted that his character is also gay and in love with his best friend, Mike Wheeler in July 2022.

In the fourth season of the show, Byers breaks down in tears as he indirectly confesses his love to Wheeler in the back of a car.

The scene became a fan-favourite moment as it resonated with many fans who were rooting for Schnapp’s closeted character and also ignited many rumours about the actor's own sexuality.

“I think it is done so beautifully because it’s so easy to make a character just like all of a sudden be gay,” Schnapp told Deadline.

“I was just in Paris and this, like, a 40-year-old man came up to me and he was like, ‘Wow, this Will character made me feel so good. And I related to it so much. That is exactly who I was when I was a kid.’ That just made me so happy to hear.”

Schnapp also praised the writing of his character capturing the ‘real journey and struggle so well’.

Stranger Things will end with season five which is yet to start filming.