KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 15 — A local production house 'has taken note' and is looking to resolve matters after actress Wafariena Roslan suffered injuries after allegedly being told to perform her own stunt.

A spokesperson from Gear Studio Pictures Sdn bhd, told Malay Mail that both the studio and the director are not taking the matter lightly and are currently conducting an internal investigation on the incident and seeking the best solution for both parties.

The 27-year-old was admitted to KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital for six days from October 8 until October 14 for injuries as a result a stunt where she was 'pulled' to appear as if she was flung forcefully backwards.


Wafariena damaged a tissue on her backside, tore a tissue on her abdomen as well as suffered internal bleeding that lasted five days as a result the stunt which was supposed to be performed by a stunt performer.

The Butak actress said that they were shooting for a telemovie in the middle of a jungle in Lenggong, Perak at around 3am on October 8, reported mStar.

“The scene was supposed to be performed by a stunt coordinator, but then the director told me to do it myself.


“After performing the stunt, my body ached badly until I was too weak to even move.

“After 6am, I went to a nearby clinic and the doctor gave me a pain injection and due to my worsened state, the doctor advised me to do further check up at a hospital,” she said adding that she had to be assisted by production crews from the set as she couldn’t move on her own.

Wafariena had said that she was taken aback by the director whom she claimed didn’t bother to check on her and kept tight-lipped about the incident.

She added that she was upset after learning that the director insisted on shooting a couple more scenes after the incident and had asked her to come on set even though she could hardly move at that time.

Wafariena has since been discharged from the hospital and is currently recovering at home according to her mother and manager, Suzana Hamad.

“Wafa (Wafariena) now has to undergo physiotherapy three times a week. She is still in a weakened state and the doctor has advised her to rest at home.

“We don’t know how long it will take, depending on Wafa’s recovery progress.

“Meanwhile the director still hasn’t said a word to us until now although the production house did send a representative from their side on Thursday to check on Wafa, five days after the incident,” Suzana told Malay Mail.

She added that apart from sending a representative to the hospital to visit Wafariena, neither the production house nor the director have gotten in touch with her or Wafariena.

Meanwhile, fellow actor Azhan Rani took to Instagram to share his own experience on how he was treated and ignored by a local production house after he was involved in a traffic accident in January this year.

Azhan via an Instagram post shared that he was rushing to go to a last-minute shooting which was set by the production house before he got into a collision on his motorcycle.

According to Azhan, a representative from the production house then came to visit him at the emergency room after the accident, however it was just to handover Azhan to his friend and fellow actor, Beto Kusyairi and his wife, who later took care of matters.

He added that the production house only contacted him when they were wishing him a speedy recovery during his first week in the hospital, before telling him he had replaced for the role in the film right before he went for his surgery.

“Maybe the completion of the film is more important than my own life. I was heading for work when I got into that accident. It’s a shame that actors are (treated) like aliens.

“I may be a bit fortunate because I have my own insurance. From warded, to surgery to physio, all cost around RM50,000, however I can just close my eyes as I’m insured.

“But what about the backstage crews, who will be there for them?” he wrote in the post.

Azhan also attached a screenshot of Wafariena’s report on his post which has garnered 7,000 likes along with a ‘thank-you’ from the actress for his support.