KUALA LUMPUR, May 27 — Malaysian-born actress Sarah Hildebrand revealed that she has been receiving nasty comments on a daily basis and it is one of the reasons why she left Malaysia.

The 32-year-old took to Instagram recently to highlight one of the nasty comments she received from a local social media user.

The social media user had called Hildebrand a prostitute as well as making a racist remark towards her husband, Otto Gillen.


“I deal with comments like this on a daily basis but this one’s a winner.

“Translation ‘Looking like a prostitute now, that’s what happens when you marry a foreigner’.

“These are words said to a Muslim from another Muslim. Such a wonderful representation of Islam. One reason why I left and why I’m never coming back to Malaysia. Good riddance,” she wrote in her Instagram story.


Following up on her Instagram Story, the Pujaan Hati Kanda actress posted a selfie of herself with a thumbs up on her Instagram feed.

The Pan-Asian artist expressed that some Malaysian Muslims have a racist and judgmental attitude and labelled them hypocrites as well.

“I hope one day you will learn to embrace others with open arms as the Prophet Muhammad did.

“I love my religion (Islam) and I will never leave it because I know it’s not Islam that is corrupt, for it is humans that continue to spoil the religion with their arrogance and idiocy.

“We are given something special which is called ‘akal’, please use it or you will crumble to your own demise,” Hildebrand wrote on the photo.

Hildebrand who recently relocated to the US said that she empathised with those who are also looking to leave the country and she hopes that one day Malaysia can become a healthier and a more progressive country to live in.

“I hope the mentality will change so that people aren’t so stressed out and repressed living amongst each other.

“I hope for the best for Malaysia and for my fellow Malaysians. But you know the raw truth, you can’t change anything unless you start implementing the change.

“Be better for you, your country, your religion, your family, your friends, and for your future.” In April, Hildebrand made local headlines after announcing her retirement from the Malaysian entertainment industry after almost a decade.

Hildebrand's last TV appearance was in the TV3’s drama series, Seindah Tujuh Warna Pelangi which aired in 2020.