PETALING JAYA, Nov 15 — Indonesian cemetery caretakers have cleared the air that the graves of late Indonesian actress Vanessa Angel and her husband were damaged by rain.

This followed a report by Indonesian news portal JPNN a few days ago that the graves were damaged by irresponsible people including content creators.

A caretaker was annoyed at the fake news report because it could be detrimental to him and his friends who guard South Jakarta’s Malacca Islamic Cemetery.

“I’m annoyed by the information that says it’s damaged. 


“Even though the photos are faded because of the rain, they’re not damaged by someone.

“We’ll always monitor tombs and the visitors so that the graves won’t be trampled on," said the man only known as Heri.

Meanwhile VOI reported that another caretaker Bambang Iravan revealed that Vanessa’s grave appeared damage as it was damaged by the heavy rains.


"It has fallen a little, but it’s been tidied up.

“I’ve seen artists who’ve even come to replace her photos while other photos were contributed by fans who visited her grave." 

Vanessa whose real name is Vanesza Adzania and husband Febri “Bibi” Andriansyah were killed in an accident on the Jombang Toll Road in East Java on Nov 4.

Jakarta Globe reported that the couple’s toddler son, the driver, and a babysitter survived the accident.

Coconuts Jakarta confirmed that the driver identified as Tubagus Joddy has been charged with negligence after he lost control of the vehicle due to drowsiness and hit a concrete barrier.