KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 8 ― Actress Janna Nick has been criticised by some social media users after she posted a photograph of herself wearing a blouse which exposed a bit of her cleavage.

But the Misteri Mona actress is taking the criticism in her stride.

Her fans and followers had criticised the 26-year-old star for flouting cultural etiquette.

However, Janna said that she would not remove the picture from her Instagram account adding that the public had opposed her transformation because they were used to her boyish look in the past, reported mStar.


“If people call it sexy, I’ll accept it, because it's sexy. If people call it normal, I’ll accept that too.

“When I choose to upload images that may cause controversy, I must be ready to accept it because I know there will be controversy.

“I'm not the kind to remove a post because of criticism but I wonder why no one condemns the other artists when they emerge on social media with tubes and short pants?


“I think people were shocked to see me in a sexy outfit because they're used to seeing me in boyish attire,” she told mStar.

On August 31, Janna posted the photo of herself wearing a blouse that displayed her cleavage on Instagram in conjunction with the National Day celebration.

The picture gained more than 100,000 likes and 3,000 comments.

Many Instagram users expressed their dissatisfaction and urged her to remove the picture from her account.

“Delete please,” one user said.

“Don't you think your husband's privilege has been revoked when your body has been exposed in public?” asked a commenter.

“Just a heads up. Before posting, edit the photo and add emojis because many people are watching,” another comment read.

However, Janna urged her fans and followers to pray for her to become a better person as she would love to have a happy ending in her life.