KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 19 — Folk legend, activist and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Joan Baez has chosen to honour Dr Anthony Fauci by painting a portrait of the US infectious disease specialist.

The popular singer, who helped launch Bob Dylan’s career in 1961, wanted to pay homage to Dr Fauci for his efforts in battling the Covid-19 pandemic.

She took to Facebook to announce the painting will be part of her second art exhibition titled ‘Mischief Makers’, which features “paintings of people who have made meaningful social change without the use of violence”.


An accomplished painter, Baez is loved for hits such as Diamonds & Rust and her interpretation of other songwriters’ work, but the 79-year-old is equally known for her civil rights activism and passionate commitment to human rights and environmental issues.

She was also a key figure in establishing the US arm of Amnesty International.

“I don’t imagine you’ve ever thought of it this way, but you are engaging in nonviolent resistance every time you stand in front of the cameras and attempt to educate the public on how to survive the Covid-19 pandemic,” Baez said in her post.


She commended the Covid-19 White House advisor for his cheerful disposition while carrying out his duties despite being surrounded by those who want to discredit him.

“Telling the truth is out of favour with the rich and powerful, particularly these days.

“You speak truth to their dominion.

“You take a big risk in doing so,” Baez said.

The native New Yorker who now resides in California ended her post by offering her assistance to Dr Fauci if he ever needs it.

Baez’s post received 64,000 reactions on Facebook and attracted over 6,000 comments and 54,000 shares.