PETALING JAYA, Aug 12 — Three North Korean soldiers have been arrested for allegedly performing the dance moves to BTS’ hit single Blood, Sweat, & Tears.

The men in their 20s were caught imitating the K-pop superstars’ dance moves during a tour of Baekdu Mountain with the North Korean army, online newspaper Daily NK reported.

Informants told the news outlet that the incident took place when a train ferrying soldiers from Pyongyang to Hyesan broke down due to a power outage at Sokhu Station in South Hamgyong Province on the evening of August 5.

In a bid to entertain their comrades while waiting for the power to come back on, three soldiers from the air force division began performing the choreography for BTS’ Blood, Sweat, & Tears.


The atmosphere turned grim when guards from the country’s Defence Security Agency witnessed the event and arrested the soldiers for indulging in “decadent South Korean propaganda.”

North Korean officials are also reportedly on high alert and claimed that the soldiers “are in a completely rotten state of mind” despite being exemplary in their service and training.


During the interrogation, the soldiers defended themselves saying that they didn’t know the choreography had originated from a South Korean band.

They claimed that they had learned the dance from other members in their division and called it the “Exciting Boy Scout Dance.”

DailyNK added that North Korean senior officials are treating the matter seriously and that details of the incident will be reported to the superiors at the General Political Bureau and the Security Bureau.