PETALING JAYA, Aug 3 — Animated franchise BoBoiBoy has done Malaysia proud by scoring upcoming premieres in Turkish cinemas.

BoBoiBoy: The Movie and BoBoiBoy Movie 2 will be thrilling audiences in Turkey this September according to social media posts on the franchise’s official accounts.

Animonsta Studios’ (Monsta) chief executive officer Nizam Abdul Razak said he was elated to collaborate with distributors in Turkey and is looking into long-term opportunities in the country to screen the films and TV shows about a teenage superhero with elemental powers.

“Monsta will be working with local distributors there, namely CJ Entertainment Turkey and Two Productions for the screening of our two most successful films. 


“This opportunity is indeed a great success for local animation,” Nizam was quoted as saying by Harian Metro.



He added that Monsta is also in talks to bring all 76 episodes of the BoBoiBoy series as well as BoBoiBoy Galaxy to the small screen in Turkey.

“The series will be dubbed in Turkish to make it easier for audiences there to understand.

“We hope the viewers can get to know their favourite superhero more in-depth this way.”

Fans of the franchise congratulated Monsta for their achievement in bringing Malaysian animation to the world stage while others expressed wishes for the films to be shown in their respective countries.

“Please come to Kazakhstan as well,” said one Instagram user.

“Wow, BoBoiBoy is really the best. Hope you’ll be known all over the world soon,” wrote another.

The BoBoiBoy series is no stranger to international success and has been screened in countries like India, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Japan, and South Korea.