PETALING JAYA, June 25 — Stand-up comedienne Joanne Kam is known for delivering bold, raunchy topics on stage that would make audiences burst out into laughter.

But she also has a culinary talent that not many know of — making crispy roast pork — that was recently unveiled during the movement control order period (MCO).

Kam, 47 told Malay Mail that she would usually make her special roast pork dish for occasions such as Chinese New Year or for her friends’ house parties as it’s her signature dish.

“But the Covid-19 pandemic and MCO has taken a toll on art practitioners as a lot of us in the field have lost our source of income and most of our online shows are also free of charge.


“So I decided to turn to my signature culinary dish — roast pork — that I have perfected and adjusted over the past years.

“There is a special technique that not many people know when making the roast pork which is the marination that has to be done the night before and the varied temperature required for the roast pork to be cooked well.”

Kam also said that it has been three weeks since she started selling her roast pork dishes and only accepts orders upon requests.


“Initially for this week, I was only supposed to only make five roast pork dishes. But I had 11 orders instead, so I have to find time to make them.

“My first customer was a friend of mine who then passed the message to another friend, and that was how people started to know about the dish.

Siew Yoke by Joanne Kam offers crispy, homemade roast pork made by Kam herself. — Picture by Joanne Kam
Siew Yoke by Joanne Kam offers crispy, homemade roast pork made by Kam herself. — Picture by Joanne Kam

“Some of the people who ordered were also fans of mine who also happened to be my Facebook friends.”

Kam also said that customers would either collect the dish at her home or she sends them to their homes through Lalamove riders.

As for the feedback of the roast pork dish, most customers complimented the stand-up comedienne saying her siew yoke (roast pork) was indeed superb and perfect.

Now that businesses and theatre companies would be gradually allowed to open amid the recovery MCO, Kam said that her roast pork business would need to suit her time and convenience as she would need to look into her shows as well.

The 47-year-old also will also be having an Online Comedy variety show this Saturday that will feature her and another comedian, Steven Bones, doing parody songs, stand-up comedy acts and a skit written by Kam herself.

Kam has also made her name in the theatre field when she played Yat Soh in the Boh Cameronian award-winning musical Broken Bridges.

She also produced the Bollywood version of William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew in 2010 where she played the character Kate alongside celebrities such as Vince Chong and Ash Nair.