KUALA LUMPUR, June 18 — Local independent rapper, MC Syze has a lot of love to offer in his new track, ATCL (A Thing Called Love).

In ATCL, Syze whose real name is Ashish Rajahser highlights the importance of being in love and sharing love with another human being.

Through ATCL, Syze is also talking about how he exited his night life as a club emcee where he used to host local DJ’s like Goldfish, Biggie and CZA and how he has set his mind on getting married and taking his career to another level.

Besides that, looking at the increasing rate of depression nowadays, the 39-year-old rapper is also highlighting the importance of self-love in his new release.


“I personally had a friend who succumbed to depression by suicide, sad but true, depression is a silent killer.”

“So this song is my way of sharing the message of love to those who need it in some form of support or some hope that there is always light at the end of that tunnel.

“Because love is not only meant to be shared or shown to another person, the key is to actually ‘Love Thyself First’,” he told Malay Mail.


MC Syze has been a Malaysian rapper since 2004, most recently he was among the talents that were featured in Joe Flizzow’s hit barbershop cypher series, 16 Baris.

He has also opened for top names in hip-hop like Kanye West, Missy Elliot and even Nas throughout the years as a rapper.

ATCL is actually an English version of his latest song Jatuh featuring De Fam’s, Sophia Liana which was released in February this year.

Originally, ATCL has been in the works since 2014 but the song took a different path after a verse by Sophia changed the course of the song thus resulting in Jatuh.

Then in 2018, Singaporean producer, Fauxe came in and took the chord progression of Jatuh and turned it into a whole new song which resulted in ‘ATCL’.

“What’s special with ATCL is, Fauxe, a genius when it comes to producing and composing, flipped the entire feel of the song into something else.”

“Based on knowing that I had a heavy church driven musical background, he sort of gave the song this soulful and biblical vibe, you have to listen to both versions (of the songs) and understand them,” Syze said.

ATCL will be dropping on all music platform on June 25.
ATCL will be dropping on all music platform on June 25.

Besides that, ATCL also offers listeners the glorious sounds of trumpets by local Jazz legend, Conrado (Coni) Soliano and also elements of choir vocals by electropop musician, Darren Ashley and Syze himself.

“So, my favourite part is when the choir (Darren and I) and other instrumentations take over for the second half of the song till the end.

MC Syze has been in the local Hip-Hop scene since 2004. — Picture courtesy of MC Syze
MC Syze has been in the local Hip-Hop scene since 2004. — Picture courtesy of MC Syze

Syze who has been in the local hip-hop scene since 2004 gives the nod that Malaysian hip-hop is progressing in the right direction.

“I mean, we have Joe Flizzow with DefJam Southeast Asia, on the other hand we have Malique running his camp at Qarma Musiq, Kidd Santhe and DJ Biggie running Monster Sound, Aman Ra with Keramat Records, K-Clique doing their thing and the list goes on.”

“Look at our local radio stations, they’re playing a lot of hip-hop today than they were many years back and I think hip-hop just woke everyone up,” he said.

However, everything has to be put on hold when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world.

According to Syze, the pandemic which has resulted in cancelation of gigs and shows has crippled independent artists in Malaysia.

For now, Syze is keeping his head up after learning that Persatuan Karyawan Malaysia president, Datuk Freddie Fernandez has sent a letter to the government on restarting the entertainment industry.

Apart from that, Syze also said that he is dropping a 13-track album titled ‘Syze Does Matter’ and it is expected to be released sometime this year.

The album will feature some of the top names in Malaysian hip-hop scene including DeFam’s Sophia Liyana, the de facto president of Malaysian Hip Hop, Joe Flizzow and other local talents like Psychomantra and Dan $hiv.



ATCL which was also co-written by local producer 0rumari and Syze is now up on all streaming platforms although local radio station Hitz had a preview session on ATCL on Monday.

Syze also confirmed that there will be a music video or a lyric video for ATCL depending on their budget.

“Plans for a music video are already there but getting the budget to shoot is the challenge, if i get the budget then there will definitely be a Music Video, a havoc one.”

“But if there’s no budget, I will ensure a proper but fun lyric video,” he said.