KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 17 — After keeping a low profile for the past few days following the passing of South Korean K-pop star Sulli, her former boyfriend Choiza has finally opened up.

Choiza, who was Sulli’s boyfriend for four years, shared his condolence message on Instagram.

Although he did not mention Sulli’s name in the message, the hip-hop artiste wrote:

“We spent beautiful moments together and it was with great reluctance to send you away but those memories will remain with me until I close my eyes. This heart will always miss you.”


During the height of their relationship, it came under intense scrutiny due to the age difference of 14 years between them.

Fans also accused Choiza of being a bad influence on Sulli.

The couple ended their relationship in March 2017.


After news that Sulli had taken her life, Internet users went on a rampage and attacked Choiza.

Some asked why he had yet to voice out his condolences to his ex-flame, others asked whether he had the appetite to eat.

Some even went to the extent of accusing Choiza of being responsible for Sulli’s mental state.

Sulli was found dead by her manager on Monday in a bedroom on the second floor of her home at Seoul.

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