PETALING JAYA, April 1 — Ning Baizura’s powerhouse vocals will ring throughout Zoo Negara as she sings to save the Malayan tigers on April 20.

What started as a passion for conservation between the singer and friend in renowned choreographer and dancer Maple Loo, has now become a full-fledged effort by the duo to attempt to make a difference as numbers of the big cats continue to dwindle in the wild.

While it is the norm for celebrities to jump on trendy causes, saving the critically endangered Malayan tiger is not a new passion for Ning.

“I personally have been MYCAT tiger ambassador since 2007, participating in outreach and awareness programmes with regards to stopping the poaching of Malayan Tigers and the illegal wildlife trafficking of our tigers,” she said.

Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers or MYCAT is an alliance of non-governmental organisations comprising the Malaysian Nature Society, Traffic Southeast Asia, Wildlife Conservation Society-Malaysia Programme and WWF Malaysia.

The alliance works with the Orang Asli in deeper parts of the tiger corridors, as well as the Wildlife Department and the Water, Land and Natural Resources Ministry in tiger protection and conservation.

“This concert is a friendship project, a simple idea that Maple and I decided to put into action for a cause that matters to us on a personal level,” Ning told Malay Mail.

“We both love animals and we’re both MYCAT tiger ambassadors of Malaysia, and being in the thick of the country’s battle against Malayan Tiger extinction, there isn’t a better time for us to act and to do something that we both can, about this plight.”

Ning credits Loo on the initiative for organising the fundraiser at Zoo Negara.

“It was Maple’s initiative to do a mini-concert at Zoo Negara, where she has been doing her volunteer work in creating enrichment programmes and offering of sponsorships in the last 17 years.

“She introduced me to being a volunteer at Zoo Negara last year which I enjoy.”

Ning LIVE! will allow fans get closer to see the Malayan Tigers in person after the show as part of an awareness drive.

The show will allow fans to get close to the Harimau Malaya. — Picture courtesy of MYCAT
The show will allow fans to get close to the Harimau Malaya. — Picture courtesy of MYCAT

“I will be meeting my fans at the Tiger Exhibit for a photo and autograph-signing session right after the show.

“I hope by showing my fans how beautiful a tiger is, they will be reminded that this gorgeous animal we call Harimau Malaya will soon vanish from the face of this planet forever, if we don’t take drastic action right now to protect this species.”

And Ning LIVE! will not be the last effort by the award-winning singer.

“There’s more I’d like to do with my fans this year, for example, a programme run by MYCAT called CATWALK, where we will spend a few days in Taman Negara in one of the tiger corridors.”

She said the with CATWALK, it was hoped their presence in the jungle can deter poachers from setting up snares to trap tigers in the area.

“These tigers belong to us Malaysians.... these are OUR tigers. We must save them. We must reverse this situation.

“And in order to sustain our tiger population, MYCAT’s role is of utmost importance - reforestation and repopulation of the tigers’ prey, all depleted due to habitat loss.”

Ning LIVE! is priced at RM175 for adults, RM100 for children ages three to 12-years-old. A family package of two adults and two children is available for RM505. Ning LIVE! will be donating 10 per cent of its profit to fund MYCAT’s work. For more information and ticket booking, surf to