PETALING JAYA, NOV 13 — Director and producer Syamsul Yusof won a case in court today against an individual for illegally uploading his film Munafik 2 on Facebook while it was still being shown in cinemas.

On his Twitter account @SyamsulYusof84, he said in a video that the defendant Muhammad Izwan Shah Kamal Shah, 30, was ordered to pay Skop Production RM100,000.

"The individual was also asked to follow a few rules by the court.

"The court will put him behind bars if he fails to follow said rules," he said, without mentioning what the rules were.


Syamsul, 30, also hoped the court's decision will prove as a deterrent to movie pirates in the future.

"I hope the public will not leak anymore films on the social media.

"Let this be an example that leaking films on the social media is a crime."


On Sept 19, Muhammad Izwan had uploaded a video recording of the film on his Facebook.

"If left unchecked, it will bring a negative impact to the country's film industry, especially those with big budgets.

"If this continues, production companies might be wary about spending big for their films," Syamsul added.

Munafik 2, which also stars Maya Karin and Nasir Bilal Khan, was shown in cinemas on Aug 30.

It has earned a box office collection of RM43 million after being shown in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.