KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 29 — One of the largest banks in the United Arab Emirates has turned to Emerico to revolutionise its customer service landscape. The industry-leading bank has chosen Emerico’s X-series Virtual Teller Machine (VTM) and the Alexis Digital Transformation platform as part of its digital transformation strategy. The X-series virtual tellers are enabling the bank to extend their service offering with seamless automated and interactive customer service in branches across the Gulf. The system allows trained customer advisors in a centralised service centre to communicate directly with customers via the teller to provide additional advice and information and qualify sales opportunities.

The third generation of X-series virtual tellers is ushering in a new era in the digital banking revolution. The virtual teller uses Emerico’s Alexis platform which incorporates machine learning, predictive analysis and big data analytics to automatically assist and on-board customers. This enables Emerico’s customers to increase customer acquisition and sales, improve operational efficiency and reduce in-branch operational costs significantly while providing centralised quality customer service.

The advantage of our X-series tellers over other technology providers is that they furnish full customer acquisition services and intelligent software management on one platform, eliminating the need for banks to purchase different software and hardware solutions that are difficult and costly to integrate. It is challenging for banks to meet their objectives of cohesive customer engagement and experience with many different systems that have different objectives and cannot be synchronised according to the organization’s vision and mission. This is true also for organisations within the Government, Telco, Insurance and Hospitality sectors. The Emerico Alexis digital transformation platform brings everything together on the X-series to reduce integration risks and drive down the cost of implementation.

“Our new Alexis Digital Transformation Platform utilises machine Learning and a data-centric approach to connect your central IT systems with Emerico’s technology. This includes the X-series of virtual tellers, S-series mobile apps software, V-series remote mobility devices and R-series autonomous robotics customer engagement technology,” says Azlan Ashari, the CEO of Emerico. “This means enhanced productivity by automating in-branch authentication, payments, operation, documents management and onboarding services.”


Emerico’s Alexis digital transformation platform offers a seamless customer experience and engagement, allowing organisations to improve productivity, increase agility and embrace the digital age. Predictive AI capabilities in Emerico’s platform enable customer experiences to be customised — maximising opportunities to connect, engage and reach more customers. The reach of the bank can be extended outside of the traditional branch to other areas such as airports, shopping malls, fuel stations, hospitals, universities, supermarkets, hypermarkets and hotels, where operating a fully-fledged branch is too costly. In addition, the Alexis digital transformation platform is PCI Payment Application Data Security Standard (DSS) compliant and EMV instant card issuance ready.

Emerico and its partners have already enjoyed success in the UAE with its 1st generation X-series virtual tellers (read more below) and are signing a new customer in Saudi Arabia for the latest 3rd generation X-series machines.

Azlan Ashari confirms, “We’re expanding our success in the transformation of the banking sector with new customer acquisitions for the latest X-series machines. Additionally, we’re growing in government, telco, insurance, and hospitality. We’re expanding our global distributor network and soon announcing a multimillion-dollar company with extensive industry experience that has acquired our North and South American distributorship.”