KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 21 — SEEK has successfully merged its Asia Pacific (APAC) employment marketplaces — SEEK, Jobstreet and Jobsdb, which will operate under a single platform powered by SEEK’s world-class AI technology while retaining their individual brands.

The integration aims to bring together millions of talent and employers across the APAC region to accurately match jobseekers and employers after 10 years of Jobstreet and Jobsdb acquisition, followed by three years of development with an estimated AUD$180 million (RM560 million) worth of investment.

SEEK Asia chief executive officer Peter Bithos said the move to operate under one unified platform is placing the company in a stronger position to realise its ambition of helping 500 million people develop their careers with five million companies in the region.

“At SEEK, everything we do revolves around our customers. One unified platform means we can now offer our product to millions of people across Asia in an entirely new way, so that our customers can find jobs and talent more easily,” he said in a statement today.


The statement also notes that unemployment rates in Malaysia have returned to pre-pandemic levels of 3.3 per cent, presenting issues to many organisations such as talent or skill mismatch.

Hence, to address the gap, employers can now tap into a wider talent pool of over 40 million people across eight APAC markets, and talent can access job opportunities from over 2.5 million employers, including more remote working opportunities.

“This aligns with a survey finding which revealed that 68 per cent of talent are willing to work remotely for an employer that lacks a physical presence in their country.


“SEEK’s new features are particularly helpful for those recruiting talent based in other markets and for Malaysians who wish to explore employment opportunities in companies that are based overseas,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, Jobstreet by SEEK Malaysia managing director Vic Sithasanan said with the implementation of SEEK’s AI-powered solutions, Jobstreet can now help employers and talents in Malaysia to find better matches more efficiently and navigate the job market effectively.

“As the leading job searching platform in Malaysia, and recently honoured as the gold winner for e-commerce at Putra Aria Brand Awards, a prestigious accolade determined by people’s choice, we are excited to facilitate more tailored job matches between employers and jobseekers in the country,” he was quoted as saying.

The AI-powered advancements to Jobstreet by SEEK’s platform will provide employers with AI models to assess talent suitability and provide highly personalised recommendations by processing data from various sources, including resumes, job ad descriptions, and the employer’s past behaviours, which will allow employers to have a more efficient hiring process.

To make the job-hunting process more efficient and relevant for talent, jobseeker can now easily be matched to AI-recommended jobs they are most qualified for based on their experience and skills.

“Using AI, Jobstreet also predicts when a person is likely a strong candidate for a role by showing a top applicant badge, so talent can make more informed decisions whether to apply for a role,” the statement noted. — Bernama