MOSCOW, Jan 21 — Some Brazilian airlines are cancelling flights to Argentina on January 24 due to a general strike planned for that day by the Argentine General Confederation of Labour (CGT), Sputnik quoted local media reports.

As of January 20, over 30 flights between Brazil and Argentina have been cancelled, the G1 news portal reported yesterrday, citing data from the Latam and Gol airlines.

The CGT and some other local unions are scheduled to strike on January 24 against Argentine President Javier Milei’s policies to liberalise the country’s economy.


In late December, Milei signed an emergency decree proposing reforms in all economic and social sectors, including the extension of the probationary period for workers to eight months, the elimination of several fines for employers, and the abolition of the unemployment insurance fund. The country’s unions have challenged the proposals in court.

Argentina’s emergency decree takes effect just days after it is signed, but must be backed by the country’s Parliament, which can veto it. While Parliament is reviewing the decree, it is considered to be in effect.

Milei swept last year’s presidential election in Argentina on the back of voter anger over the ongoing economic crisis in the country.


He said Argentina’s economy required shock measures to improve the situation. — Bernama-Sputnik