JAKARTA, Aug 4 — The Halal Development Corporation Bhd (HDC) has proposed that a Malaysia-Indonesia halal forum be established as a platform to exchange information on the development of the halal industry in both countries.

In addition to discussing issues, challenges and opportunities in the halal industry, the forum is aimed to strengthen the halal industry ecosystem in both countries, said the HDC.

This matter was stated during a meeting between HDC’s chief industrial development officer, Hanisofian Alias and Indonesia’s National Committee for Sharia Economy and Finance (KNEKS), halal product Industry director, Afdhal Aliasar, according to KNEKS in a statement today.

Other topics that were raised include regulations, infrastructure, human resources, trade cooperation between regional countries, industrial potential, and other aspects of support.


Afdhal said the halal industry needs to be incorporated into the economic development of a country since many countries in the world are increasingly taking advantage of it as a source of new economic growth.

In a meeting on July 27, 2022, HDC and KNEKS shared similar views on how to promote and support the sharia financial sector towards the halal industry sector as a strategic issue in sharia economic development.

As a leading country in the world’s sharia economy, both sides see this cooperation as necessary in answering the challenges and issues they face.


The statement also noted that based on the State of Global Islamic Economy Report 2021/2022, Malaysia and Indonesia occupy the top five positions in the world’s Islamic economy.

The HDC is a Malaysian federal government agency mandated as the custodian of the country’s halal economy. — Bernama