KYIV, July 8 — Kyiv said today that Russian gas flows through Ukraine were at a “historic low” last month and accused Moscow of fomenting political instability in Europe by squeezing supplies.

Russia has already cut flows to Europe via the Baltic Sea Nord Stream pipeline by 60 per cent in recent weeks, citing technical issues.

Moscow’s critics in Europe have dismissed the explanation and said Russia is trying to put pressure on the West over its backing for Ukraine in the war against Russia.

Ukraine’s national pipeline operator said Friday Russia “does not even use reserved and paid for capacity” of transit through the country to make up for the shortfall from Nord Stream.


“Instead, gas transit through Ukraine’s gas transportation system reached a historic low in June,” the company said in a statement.

Russian energy giant Gazprom was using one-seventh of its possible volume or 334 million cubic metres per day, it said, accusing the Kremlin of trying to stir up “panic, fear” ahead of winter.

The Ukrainian operator said Moscow wanted to “eventually force the civilised world to negotiate with a country that commits bloody crimes in the heart of Europe”.


Moscow — in response to Western sanctions over the war — has slashed gas deliveries to Europe, sending prices soaring and forcing Western capitals to scramble for alternative energy sources.

Russia claims it remains a reliable energy supplier.

The Kremlin said last month that flows through Nord Stream could be increased when components being repaired in Canada were returned.

The head of Ukraine’s pipeline operator Sergiy Makogon earlier this week appealed to Ottawa to return parts to Ukraine, not Germany.

“We ask Canada to transfer the Gazprom turbine not to Germany, but to Ukraine. We will pass it on to the Russian Federation. Maybe. After the victory,” he wrote on Facebook. — AFP