KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 11 — Malaysia has become a critical hub for Intel Corporation’s global operations in delivering industry-leading products worldwide, corporate vice president Robin Martin said.

Martin, who is also managing director of Intel Malaysia, said Intel’s growth in Malaysia has been made possible by the government’s strong partnership, the country’s diverse talent pool, well-established infrastructure, as well as robust supply chains.

“As we know, countries are getting more and more competitive in attracting investors and that is why partnering with the government is crucial for change to happen and to happen rapidly,” he said in a video interview Thursday.

He said it is important to acknowledge that while 2020 had been a challenging year for all, people have all come to embrace living and working in this new norm, which is preparing them for the future.


“Our ambition and opportunities have never been greater. We stand on the brinks of several technology inflection such as artificial intelligence, 5G, (amid) the rise of the Internet age, that together, will shape the future of technology.

“Based on the strong set of ingredients that we have, Malaysia has the potential to make this a reality. We need to be determined to create the path forward and enable this future,” he said.

Martin said a majority of Intel’s workforce has been working from home since March last year.


He said the company has been able to meet all of its customers’ requirements during the pandemic through a combination of standard operation procedure (SOP) compliance, caring for employees, a robust supply chain, and government support.

“In the community, we donated nearly RM4 million in medical equipment, personal protective equipment, e-learning laptops, groceries, and foods.

“These have all gone out to schools, hospitals, prisons, welfare homes, non-governmental organisations, frontliners, and underserved families,” he added. — Bernama