KUALA LUMPUR, May 12 — Bankers must adhere to all guidelines and continue to learn the system to prevent irregularities from happening, Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB) chairman Tan Sri Azman Hashim said today.

He said corruption has been rampant in recent times and noted that this also involved several key leaders.

To prevent corruption and malpractices in the financial system, he advised bankers to play their roles as the guardians of the system.

“You need to be like Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.


“At 92 years old, he is still learning. Just look at him. Without constantly learning like him, you would not be able to achieve the change like we have all witnessed recently,” he said when addressing the audience at the Chartered Banker Conferment graduation ceremony.

Without referring to anyone specifically, Azman said the nation has seen the fall of some “corrupt leaders” because Dr Mahathir was willing to learn and make the change.

“If a 92-year-old can do it, I am sure you can also,” he said.


Bank Negara Malaysia governor Tan Sri Muhammad Ibrahim, who was present at the ceremony, also stressed the importance of education and knowledge as aspects for bankers to strive in the industry.

“As knowledge is dynamic, not static, our approach to learning also needs to be in sync. 

“This calls for lifelong learning, interdisciplinary thinking and the ability to convert knowledge into action,” he said.