PUTRAJAYA, June 11 — The Ministry of Health (MOH) reported 2,643 workplace accidents among its employees last year, ranging from injuries caused by sharp objects to cases of occupational diseases.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dzulkefly Ahmad highlighted that 1,914 involved injuries from sharp objects, while 62 cases were attributed to occupational poisoning.

In addition, there were 36 instances of noise-induced hearing loss, 186 cases of occupational skin diseases, 322 cases of occupational lung diseases and 125 other occupational diseases were documented within the ministry.

Dzulkefly noted the implementation of various control measures and facility improvements to safeguard healthcare workers from workplace hazards and risks.


“According to the Occupational Safety and Health (Amendment) Act 2022, employers bear the responsibility for ensuring the safety, health, and welfare of their employees, while employees are accountable for adhering to instructions concerning occupational safety and health.

“It is imperative that the aspects of worker safety and health be given priority, as human capital is the most crucial asset for any organisation, determining their success,” he said during his speech at the World Day for Safety and Health at Work celebration at Sungai Buloh Hospital and the MoH Training Institute today.

He emphasised that the ministry prioritises healthcare staff well-being and favours preventive measures over treatment.


“As such, every member should embrace a preventive culture to minimise accidents, injuries, poisoning and occupational diseases, while ensuring a safe, healthy and comfortable work environment.

“In line with developments, it is hoped that all parties can cooperate to meet legal requirements and guidelines,” he said. — Bernama